In this episode, we dive into how you can take your power back in three simple steps.

  • What Is Power? In this context, your birthright, where you have complete command over your power of choice- to simply choose choices that are reflective of who you truly are and where you would like to go- where you are able to activate your power to choose how you perceive, respond to, interact with and interpret your life experiences. Empowerment feels a lot like expansion, where you can click into presence and simply create.
  • Step One: Before you take your power back, you have to realize you have it in the first place. The power we so often give away, in a myriad of ways, is simply yours.
  • Step Two: You can give it away- very often, we outsource our power unintentionally to systems, authority figures and even to our own thoughts and feelings- experiencing powerlessness, reflexive reactions, fear, distress, tension and an overall contracted state where often physiological symptoms spring up- here, we can explore who, what and where we outsource our power and what this feels like, taking this valuable information with us as we learn how to take it back.
  • Step Three: Do you think I would leave you without the solution? Never- as a practitioner that would drive me crazy. Step three is where the rubber meets the road. You have the power, you can give it away and you can also take it back- and once you do, you will remember the difference, because this is how we learn. This is a natural part of the process, of active engagement and movement forward.
  • When You Know Better, Do Better: I love this Maya Angela quote. Often, we beat ourselves up when we forget or when we give our power up relaying messages to the self like I should have known better, how could I be so stupid etc. HARD NO. if you were a patient in my practice you would know that I will not accept this sort of self talk because it simply does not work. This is when you are most vulnerable and this is where we need you to be kind, compassionate and encouraging with your self as you engage the courage to meet new truths, which are difficult enough by the way, and rediscover all that you are, all that you have and focus on what you can do to change your experience. Here, we need you to be on your own team as you explore new terrain and step up for yourself and in that way, others.

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