What you resist persists, and becomes more painful, all to get your attention and set you free! 

By learning how to release resistance, choose resilience, and go with the flow, life can begin to work for and with you in a new and empowered way.

In this article, I will teach you how to shift your perception so that you can acknowledge and embrace life’s challenges without getting caught up in them. Thus, engaging in the let go and grow process, where challenges can move through and transformation can occur.

The challenges in our lives provide a unique opportunity to become stronger and even more resilient than we already are. Here, we can choose learn through observation, with curiosity, rather than through the rigidity and distress that resistance has to offer.

Think about it, wouldn’t you rather have life work for and with you rather than happen to and against you?

This shift is just a choice away, and here, in this article, I will teach you how to turn this option into your perception and this perception into your reality.

You are not your life experiences, you are the creator of them, challenges included, and you have the power to choose how you see and enter into them.

This does not mean that you have to avoid life, run away or hide out on top of a mountain in Tibet. In fact, avoidance is a form of resistance, as it creates a division between you and your life experiences.  

This process requires connection, and it asks you to be present and receptive to it. 

We often get in our own way when we resist the challenges in our lives. We forget that when we resist life’s challenges, we resist a part of ourselves. And in our resistance, we create friction and distress. We stop the flow of life and become stagnant as we often, unknowingly, work against it.

This stagnation then builds up and disrupts the flow and function of energy within our bodies, minds and lives as a whole- all of which can lead to inflammation, dysfunction and disease.

I see it everyday in my practice, and I also see it resolve- even in the most debilitating cases.

So here are three ways that you can begin to release resistance for resilience…

  • Go with the flow: The first rule of improv is to just say yes, that’s right to whatever comes up. I have found this to be an incredibly light way to also approach life. By saying yes, that’s right to the good, the bad and the ugly, we immediately bridge the gap, connect, release resistance and cultivate resilience in the process. This is all part of having faith and choosing to see life as a for you experience.
  • Cultivate curiosity:  As you say yes to life and what it has to offer, it is helpful to create the space to reflect, explore, ask questions and learn from your life experiences. What isn’t working? What is? Where does resistance reside? And how does it manifest? This starts with observation, by letting go of the judgment, and by having the courage to go where you have not gone before. In this space, your experiences will begin to transform as your perspective evolves.
  • Thank your experiences: This is where the magic happens and where your challenges have the ability to come full circle. Forget acceptance, what a compromise, let’s talk about appreciation. Can you feel the difference? This step asks you to literally thank the challenges that have come up in your life. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I recommend saying it until you feel a shift. Many of my patients notice the resistance begin to fade away and the heaviness of the challenge begin to lighten. Cue freedom, health, peace, resilience + the other high vibe states.

It takes courage to go here, to feel and to choose a different path but once you do, you’ll know that this is where the healing happens. 

You will begin to see the choices you have more and more clearly, as your perspective heightens, and you become more and more objective.

Resistance will begin to look like a dead end, one that amplifies the pain and intensity of the challenges you will inevitably face- one that just does not work.

Resilience will become more and more of a friend, and the more you choose it, the more you will want to choose it. Here, you give yourself the opportunity to learn with more grace and ease, leaving resistance in the dust.

Finally, for more information and a tried and true springboard, check out the Let Go & Grow program or my private practice. I have found, personally and professionally,  guidance of this kind to be very powerful.