How To Eat Out On A Diet

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If you are like myself and my patients, you may be interested in how you can eat out on a diet, in a way that aligns with social balance and your health & fitness goals. I am a firm believer that health is built to support your life experience not the other way around.

With that said, if you eat in a certain way, it’s important to take your health into your own hands and equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to feel your very best. In this, we cannot rely on or expect others, including servers, friends and family, to know or care more than we do. At first you may feel silly planning your meals in advanced, but I find it can actually be quite fun, bring a peace of mind and make it easier to be present and enjoy your company and the experience as a whole- knowing that you put in the work to live in an uncompromised way that you won’t have to recover from.

Here are three way to feel equipped and in alignment with your health goals while engaging in the world:

  • prepare beforehand and have the right conversations with yourself & your company- for example, if you don’t feel like drinking, let them know!
  • check the menu in advanced so you feel prepared and clear on what you can have- in this case, I lucked out in that @bluontheavenue had a gluten-free menu online.
  • prepare any questions you may have to ask your server regarding menu items (example: asking for steamed vegetables vs. fried)

In this case, we used @bluontheavenue located in Winter Park, FL as an example- I chose the yellowtail dish minus the ponzu sauce, and although it was on the starter menu, it was delicious and big enough to eat as a meal!

As for the above, what would you add? What steps do you take when going out to eat? Let us know in the comments on our video on Instagram!

For more healthy ideas, like @bluontheavenue and gluten-free menu, feel free to check out the Healthy Orlando Guide right here!

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