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To keep it simple, I will only choose 5. 5 carefully curated recommendations and resources that can directly impact your health, well-being and whole life experience.

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So let’s get started shall we?.. with 5.

1. Session note from the week
You know that future version of yourself that you see within now?

Be what you see, be him or her, here, now- embody what you see so you can begin to experience what you desire to experience in the present moment. Make it as simple as picking an apple off of a tree- one choice at a time. Choose new choices in the present moment, focus forward and continue creating in this way.

2. Healthy tip to consider
Eat whole foods. This week focus on eating simple, whole foods. Let go of the bags + boxes, difficult to read chemical names and focus on food that makes sense think: apples, oranges, almonds, chicken, salmon, olive oil, sea salt, etc.

If a healthy diet feels like a complicated task, you can keep it simple in this way. One of my favorite meals takes 10 min.: fresh salmon and asparagus on a pan placed in the oven with lemon, sea salt, and olive oil-done- I also cook lamb burgers simply- lamb, mustard, rosemary, cooked in the oven- done. Snacks are simple too, apple or banana + almond butter, or a handful of pistachios, voila! Fast food.

3. A quote I love
“The sound of what cannot be seen sings within everything that can, and there is nothing more to it than that.” -Brian Andreas

4. An eye opening podcast
Recently, I’ve been very interested in the research on plant medicine, specifically psychedelics, on human consciousness and how they can be a path to health freedom for many people. I by no means think they are the only way to achieve the criteria, however, many of my favorite thought leaders are huge advocates- here’s a recent Tim Ferris Show episode that provides an interesting overview to the investor community. I find the conversation on psychedelics interesting for many reasons, one being that the experiences described are very similar to how many of my patients feel moving through the changes we make together in session through functional medicine, holistic counseling and at times, acupuncture.

5. Matcha Tea
I love matcha tea powder, as it is filled with nutrients and a number of health benefits- think curbed cravings, improved metabolism, detox, pure energy and a calm, focused mind and relaxed body. I recently traded in coffee for matcha. I think coffee can be a healthy part of a balanced diet as well- but if you are curious, you can give matcha a whirl.

If you are a latte person- you can easily make a matcha latte with unsweetened almond milk.

p.s. If you are interested in an article on “how to get off of coffee”, just let me know. It doesn’t have to be a painful experience. Hint- matcha can be a great jitter + crash free replacement! :)

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