Going Place in Conversations

In this episode, we talk about working through gridlocked states, removing censorship and going places in conversations.

  • Connection & Presence: Truly connecting with presence is a skill that can absolutely be learned. When is the last time you had a conversation, even if seemingly meaningless and truly decided to be with and in it? Meeting it with questions and thoughts in the moment versus pre-planning some irrelevant retort before taking the time to listen and hear and understand the other person’s viewpoint.
  • Listen & Share: Let curiosity be your guide, as you drop into the moment (an exhilarating experience in it of itself), freely allowing yourself to listen and share in ecosystems that feel safe and right and capable of holding these types of conversations.
  • Learning From Our Differences: Without differences in opinions, life is boring and bland and stagnant, devoid of growth, spontaneity and life- releasing the gridlocked need to be right and other ego patterns like interrogation, etc., allows for break throughs to come about, creating even more space for new experiences like clarity and freedom to deepen and develop.
  • Stay With it, Stay In It: Instead of shutting down at the first sight of reaction, try to connect more, not necessarily through words but by seeking to understand, work through & the simplicity of being w the new ideas. If you stay in the conversation, moving through reactions and defense mechanisms, you may find that you are able to go to new places within yourself as well.
  • As a through line, love: As you push the boundary, defy the worldly limits in conversation- make sure to connect with your heart and that the through line stays focused on love. This creates ecosystems of safety, and when we feel safe, it becomes easier to express.

Not sure where to begin? You can always reconnect, reset and remember, through heart based practice, our simple 3 min. meditation right here.

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