Foundations Tool Kit

Today all day is Friday the 13th, and I could not be more excited to bring the LG&G Foundations Tool Kit into the world! I see this offering as the nuts and bolts of growth, providing a solid foundation for health and well-being that can inevitably become a springboard for more.

I created this tool kit, first, as a resource for my patients and the organizations I work with, including professional athletes, NCAA Division I Teams, notable businesses and hospital systems and now, for you- if you want it, I want you to be able to have it.

It differs from the LG&G program in that it is not a program, however, it does contain all of the information and fundamental tools that can unlock your power to heal, provide an immediate therapeutic experience and change the way you see, interact with and show up in the world for good. #letgoandgrow

The Tool Kit includes:
A Welcome Message
The Foundations Workshop
The Heart Based Practice
The Holistic Guide Book
Resources, Links & Additional Downloads
Growing Body of Research Stories

If you are interested in the tool kit, you can check it out right here:
To enroll, make sure to sign up for the wait list- so that we can notify you when doors officially open! 💗💗