German New Medicine (GNM), developed by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer in the 1980s, presents a paradigm shift in understanding the connection between the mind and the body. Central to this alternative approach are the Five Biological Laws, which claim to unveil the underlying principles governing the manifestation and resolution of diseases. Although met with skepticism in mainstream medicine, GNM’s followers advocate for a holistic understanding of health that goes beyond traditional medical models. Despite the controversy, it’s essential to explore the principles that underpin German New Medicine to gain a better understanding of its core concepts.

  1. First Biological Law: The Iron Rule of Cancer

At the core of GNM is the First Biological Law, often referred to as the Iron Rule of Cancer. This law posits that diseases, including cancer, have a psychosomatic origin. According to Dr. Hamer, unresolved psychological conflicts significantly impact the brain, leading to physiological changes in specific organs. This law challenges the randomness of diseases, asserting that their roots can be traced back to emotional and psychological experiences.

  1. Second Biological Law: The Ontogenetic System of Tumors

The Second Biological Law introduces the concept of the Ontogenetic System of Tumors, suggesting a correlation between the location and type of tumors and specific embryonic germ layers. Dr. Hamer proposed that tumors develop in tissues derived from the same embryonic layer, challenging conventional medical understanding. While this law is met with skepticism, GNM proponents argue that recognizing the embryonic origin of tissues provides valuable insights into the nature and purpose of diseases.

  1. Third Biological Law: The Law of Three Embryonic Germ Layers

Expanding on the Ontogenetic System of Tumors, the Third Biological Law delves into the role of three embryonic germ layers—endoderm, mesoderm, and ectoderm—in the development and resolution of diseases. GNM asserts that specific conflicts affect corresponding germ layers, influencing the manifestation of symptoms in organs derived from those layers. This intricate interplay between embryonic origins and disease challenges traditional medical concepts.

  1. Fourth Biological Law: The Ontogenetic System of Microbes

The Fourth Biological Law extends GNM’s reach into the microbial world by proposing that microbes play a role in the healing process. Dr. Hamer suggested that microbes, such as bacteria and viruses, accompany the body’s efforts to repair and restore tissues during the healing phase. While this idea diverges from mainstream views on infectious diseases, it underscores the holistic nature of GNM’s approach to health.

  1. Fifth Biological Law: The Quintessential Biological Special Programs

The Fifth Biological Law introduces the concept of Biological Special Programs, suggesting that the body follows predetermined sequences during the healing phase. According to GNM, these special programs aim to restore affected tissues to their normal state. Proponents argue that understanding these synchronized biological programs can provide valuable insights into the intricacies of the healing process, though critics question the lack of empirical evidence supporting these claims.


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