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A Practical Guide to Supplements- Favorite Brands, Philosophy & Function

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Supplementation can be a great therapeutic addition to a healthy mindset, diet and lifestyle- but in no way can it replace it. In my practice, I use supplements to bring grace and ease into the healing process, which can be very challenging at times. In this way, supplements can help to support you on your own path to radiant health, freedom and becoming who you truly are.

What is Functional Medicine?

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If you had a wilting, withering plant left alone, inside with dim light, re-circulated air, and depleted soil—how would you bring it back to life? Most likely, you would know exactly what to do. You would give it plenty of attention, fresh air, clean water, direct sunlight, nutrient-rich soil, and maybe even some love! Instinctively, you would recognize that the plant’s bleak environment was anything but healthy, let alone life-giving, and totally unconducive to growth. In medicine, we name this concept “evolutionary mismatch.” This mismatch caused the plant to inevitably lose its luster, compromise and enter into a state of survival. Predictable right?

How To Detoxify Stress & Make It Work For You

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In the medical world and in our society, stress has been highly demonized. I see articles all the time on "How To Fight Stress" and "Be Stress Free", neither of which work and both of which amplify the problem. Now, what I love about problems is that they can be solved! And if you really think about it, why would you even want to eradicate stress? Some of the most meaningful experiences are "stressful"- just think motherhood, public speaking or a big work project.

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