What is meal prep?

Short for meal preparation, “meal prep” is a great tool to help keep you on a healthy eating track and makes feeding yourself and your family much easier. The planning, preparing and packaging of your meals/snacks in advance (typically for the upcoming week) can be the key to help many people reach their specific health and fitness goals. Having meals already prepared for the week can allow you to take a more disciplined approach to food by promoting healthy eating habits and freeing up time to elevate your productivity. The ultimate goal is to save time in the kitchen and to have access to healthy meals throughout the week. Meal prep can help streamline your schedule and improve your overall health.  

What are some good reasons to meal prep?

  • Helps save time and money
  • Helps with weight control (ingredients + portion sizes)
  • Contributes to an overall more nutritionally balanced diet
  • Can reduce stress (avoiding last minute decisions about what to eat)
  • You won’t waste food
  • Investment in your health 
  • It can help bring variety to your everyday meals

What is meal delivery? 

Meals that are already prepared can be shipped to you for a fee, taking place at set intervals, and payment is typically made as a recurring subscription. Meal delivery can help make it easier to keep track of nutritional data such as calories and macros, assisting you with weight-loss or weight-gain goals. With meal delivery services, the food is portioned and helps you consume the ideal amount for overall productivity. 

Many meal delivery services also allow you to easily accommodate specific dietary plans. You can select a plan that meets all the criteria of a chosen diet such as vegan, keto and paleo options to fuel your body. These services are designed to make your life easier, but they also can leave you with plenty of inspiration to experiment with a new diet if you’ve been thinking of changing what you eat everyday. 

There are two main types of meal delivery services: one that will deliver fresh ingredients for you to prepare your meal, and the other will prepare “heat-and-eat” meals for you. Based on your own preferences, you can choose which service you want as it can be tailored to your diet, caloric intake, and portion control requirements.

What are some good reasons to order a meal delivery service? 

  • Increased convenience
  • Easier to track calories/macros
  • Helps regulate portion sizes
  • High-quality and fresh ingredients at lower prices
  • Reduces food waste
  • Meal choices for various health / fitness goals
  • Easily accommodate specific dietary plans


Simplify healthy eating with these heat-and-eat meal delivery services


National (U.S.) Based Meal Prep Services

Daily Harvest is a hassle-free way to make fruits and vegetables a part of your daily routine. This plant-based meal delivery service provides a variety of delicious ready to eat smoothies, oat/chia bowls, flatbreads, harvest bowls, and more!

Fresh N’ Lean is the nation’s largest organic meal delivery service and offers five convenient meal plans: Protein+, Keto, Paleo, Standard Vegan, and Low-Carb Vegan. Receive $30 off your first order by using this link here!

Paleo On The Go offers a menu of chef-created, real-food dishes. Everything is 100% Paleo and AIP-friendly. You can order individual meals, meal bundles, or sign up for a subscription and save! Make sure to use promo code drbrookestuart for $15 off your first order!

Purple Carrot is a plant-based meal-kit delivery service cultivating the plant-based revolution. They provide a variety of recipes and deliver all the ingredients you need to make your meal.

MamaSezz is a vegan & gluten-free meal delivery service with options to build your own bundle or choose from curated bundles targeted to help with performance, weight-loss, and more. These whole food plant-based meals arrive ready to eat- simply heat & eat!


Florida-Orlando Based Meal Prep Services

Jet Fuel Meals is a healthy food delivery service that offers fresh, high-quality and all-natural meals that are healthy, delicious and delivered straight to your door. They have athletic, plant-based, maintain, ketogenic and pescatarian meal plan options to choose from.

Mindful Meals is locally prepared in Orlando, Florida. Gluten-free and 100% clean! They offer tradition, low carb, no carb, and vegetarian options.

Fitlife Foods is located throughout Florida. They have convenient and extended hours for pick up and are also very reliable with their home deliveries.

FitLiving Eats was founded by Carly Paige, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach & Chef, and FLE offers several services:



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