When Working with a Resource or Practitioner

Here are some questions to consider when working with a resource or practitioner.

1. How do you feel in their presence?
2. Do they offer solutions and choices that match your vision versus pushing their own agenda?
3. Do they walk the talk and practice what they teach? Yes, everyone is human but you deserve the kind of guidance that leads to actual growth and the resources and referrals that can help to facilitate this change.

These resources and practitioners are gemstones! Please feel free to share the ones that match the criteria here.

Working with Ramey Rascher, a licensed mental health counselor, has been one of the most, if not the, greatest gift of my life. She is fearless in the way that she points out my blind spots, sees what most can’t see, disregards my ego and says what most would never have the courage to say. She continuously pokes holes and shatters the reality creations that hold me back from being free. Our Let Go & Grow Holistic Guidebook is dedicated to Ramey! Throughout this Guide Book, we provide the guidance, resources and tools that you need to clear issues, dissolve patterns, create health, and access freedom in a continuous and sustainable way.


For extra support and the opportunity to connect with others, please check out Let Go & Grow®’s Mind Body Reset. In the Mind Body Reset, Dr. Brooke Stuart will be there to guide you through every step of the way, healing your system through fundamental shifts in mindset, diet, lifestyle, and other natural methods. You will also be able to engage in an elimination provocation diet to personalize and tailor a diet that works for you.

We want to also offer you our Free Let Go & Grow® Membership where we offer many holistic resources for free, including the heart based practice, our signature 3 min. meditation, and a wellness workshop designed to optimize mental health. We also have free forums that you can participate in, starting conversations, and asking any questions that you may have!

You can also schedule a free 20 min. holistic consultation with Dr. Brooke Stuart- we would love to help you in any way that we can and hope to connect with you soon!