Brief Breakdown on Human Energy Fields

Energy supply is a necessary condition for life- everything and everyone in this universe is constantly vibrating and creating energy. There is even a field of vibrational medicine (sometimes called energy medicine), which uses vibrational energy generated by and around your body to enhance your health. Research has found that vibrations and the electromagnetic energy associated with them can cause changes in cells, which can then affect how your body functions. So, although these vibrations that are happening at a molecular level in your body may be small, but they can have a profound effect on your health and well-being. Traditional medical science has focused solely on the mechanical and chemical aspects of our bodies for decades, but there have been an increasing number of researchers that have done extensive research on the electromagnetic body. It appears highly likely that the human biofield will continue to be studied and new techniques will emerge to complement both modern and alternative medicine.

Many techniques associated with vibrational energy (think: meditation, yoga, deep breathing, spending time in nature, etc.) provide well-researched health benefits. All functions that we experience produces subtle electrical currents, some of which can be tracked and calculated with technology such as electrocardiographs, which measures the energy of the heart.  Even the most basic functions such as our thoughts or the digestion of our food everyday contributes to the energy field surrounding our bodies. Our nervous systems, including our brains, spinal cord and peripheral nerves in our arms and legs, give off a surrounding electromagnetic field (EMF). This type of energy field is acknowledged in Quantum Physical Science as something called a Torus Energy Pattern which can be seen in the universe as a primary design at all levels- meaning that this repetition of energy pattern can be seen from something from the configuration of a banana to the electromagnetic field of the whole earth. Essentially, every single process currently keeping you functioning right now can be traced back to an electromagnetic field that some component of your body is creating.

Deepak Chopra, an author and alternative medicine advocate, has explored the concept that our human bodies are made merely of pure energy. He makes the point that there are thousands of chemical reactions and changes that happen at the molecular level that happen in each one of us that release energy. Chopra states that at the core of our beings, we are fields of intention. Energy changes with intention- and this change is instantaneous and extremely powerful. Just by simply changing your thoughts, you may notice the instant shift in the energy within and around you.

The Heart’s Electromagnetic Field

According to Heartmath, the magnetic fields produced by the heart are involved in energetic communication, which can also be called cardioelectromagnetic communication. The heart is the most powerful source of electromagnetic energy in the human body- producing the largest rhythmic electromagnetic field of any of the body’s organs (for perspective, the heart’s electromagnetic field is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the electrical activity generated by the brain). This field is measured in the form of an electrocardiogram (ECG) , can be detected anywhere on the surface of your body and can be detected up to 3 feet away from your body.

Researchers at Heart Math Institute have found that there is a direct relationship between heart-rhythm patterns and the frequency spectra of the magnetic field radiated by the heart. This means that a person’s emotional state is encoded in the heart’s magnetic field and can be communicated throughout the body and into the external environment. Research suggests that the energy emitted by our hearts carries messages and information into a field environment that is shared by, and connects everyone.

When our parasympathetic and sympathetic systems are out of alignment from negative emotions such as anxiety or anger, this produces an incoherent state. Positive emotions such as compassion and love produces harmonious patterns in our heart’s rhythym, leading to coherence and greater emotional regulation. According to Research Director Dr. Rollin McCraty, “Coherence is the state when the heart, mind and emotions are in energetic alignment and cooperation. It is a state that builds resilience.”

Experience Frequency Therapy and Natural Science

Somavedic is a device that can reliably mitigate unwanted influences of EMF radiation (4G/5G, Wi-Fi, phones, etc.), oxidative stress, free radicals, geopathic stress, Curry and Hartmann lines. Somavedic structures water and changes it into a mountain spring quality water that is natural to our bodies! This 100% handmade device is made of semi-precious and precious stones and metals such as platinum, palladium, gold and silver. There have been proven positive effects on cardiovascular, nervous system, improved heart rate variability, circulation and internal balance of our bodies.  There have also been proven effects of reducing mobile phone radiation and significant improvement of sedimentation. You can find more of their key findings right here on their website. Receive 10% off your Somavedic with the promo code: drbrookestuart.

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Quantum Upgrade is a 100% remote energy healing subscription service that provides you with unlimited access to more life force energy. This wellness service has been designed to provide quantum leaps forward in the area of vitality and energy. Harmonize the energy in homes, workspaces and more- to reduce stress and improve vitality and productivity. I recommend buying a field for you specifically, and your home (location). There are bundles that you can purchase with multiple field options. With this, I also highly recommend adding on the “all-in-one” frequency bundle to get instant access to all frequencies. You can pause and switch frequencies as many times as you need.

The Heart Based Practice, A Simple 3 Min. Meditation

The heart based practice embodies simplicity, and it has become a fundamental piece of my healing protocol because of its ability to shift our experience in a just a moment- allowing us to opt out of old, outdated patterns and choose anew. Over the years, I’ve found this exercise to be one of the most practical ways to interrupt patterns of distress and rewire the nervous system to a more relaxed, calm and connected state, where we can begin to heal in a direct way. Here, I will walk you through each step so that you can begin to tap into your own heart’s center and reconnect with this space to process, reflect and increase awareness around your own unique journey, desires, and life experiences.

Within this sequence, you can reconnect to your heartbeat, reset by returning to the present moment and remember who, what and where you are- able to acknowledge, embrace and appreciate what is, shift your perspective, release distress and tension, and allow for a new kind of lightness and freedom to emerge, as you re enter the moment, reminded.

Here are the steps:

  • RECONNECT: Place both hands over your heart and feel your heartbeat. Inhale and exhale through your heart.
  • RESET: Intentionally, return home to the present moment, where you belong. Allow yourself to observe what comes up with your conscious awareness and loving attention.
  • REMEMBER: Remind yourself of who, what and where you are. From here, you can re enter any moment realigned, recommitted and renewed.

The heart based practice is your reminder to reconnect, reset and remember who, what and where you are and that you can reset and return home any time, anywhere. In my practice, I recommend working with this exercise for 3 min. a day, ideally in the morning, to begin with and as needed throughout- as I’ve found it to be one of the most direct ways to go within, self regulate the system and heal- providing a tool to interrupt the old, integrate the new, and rewire the nervous system through a signal of safety that you can send to yourself at any moment- a signal that says, “I’ve got this. I’m capable, I am important, and I can not only meet each challenge with power and authority but see it as an opportunity for growth and development.” For more on the heart based practice, feel free to check here.


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