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So let’s get started shall we?.. with 5.

1. Session note from the week
It’s all journey, and the more we can understand the process through experiencing our experiences and coming back to the drawing board, the more centered and empowered we can become. If you can picture a figure 8, you can see how so much of our lives are spent being human- on the practical, the tactical, the logistics, etc. but the key is the intersection where we have the opportunity to pass through the eye to connect to who we truly are and reset- giving ourselves space + grace, the space we to process and the grace to learn and grow. More on this here.

2. Healthy tip to consider
Focus on what fuels your system, what satiates, the exploration of symptoms, what hunger feels and is experienced like, get curious- this is all part of being human. When forming a new, healthy relationship with your physiology, it is important to end the war, to observe the fear, to get to know your system by giving yourself time to look at and learn from the ups and downs- connecting, with curiosity, to vs. getting caught up in them.

3. A ritual I love
At the end of a meal, many people go for dessert and-or coffee. Over the past year, I have been going for peppermint tea. It is just special enough, and it is a perfect option to improve concentration, optimize digestion and relieve tension in the mind and body- without the caffeine, making it easy to fall asleep at night.

4. For better digestion
Consider a comprehensive digestive enzyme, taken just before meals. If you are eating gluten and dairy, consider adding this one as well. These supplements are potential game changers!

5. Peppermint Tea + Tea Pot
Here’s the link to the peppermint tea I’ve been drinking! So good… I’m beginning a tea collection section… To add decadence, you can add unsweetened almond or macadamia nut milk. I like it plain.

For the quick and easy electronic tea pot I use, check here. So easy.

For more resources and recommendations, you can stay up to date with this category of my Amazon Store right here. It is still very much a work in progress, but I will continuously be adding to it along the way!


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