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To keep it simple, I will only choose 5. 5 carefully curated recommendations and resources that can directly impact your health, well-being and whole life experience.

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So let’s get started shall we?.. with 5.

1. Session note from the week
You cannot lose anything or anyone that is truly meant to be. If something or someone is meant to belong in your life, they will be in it. In this, you can begin to rest assured and release the fear of loss and the insecurities that naturally come with it- to simply focus in on being the best version of yourself. When you commit to becoming the best version of yourself through the simple choices you make each day, you will become a magnet for the right people, places, things and situations that match your vibration. Nothing is literally more attractive than someone who chooses to grow and the renewed energy that comes with it.

2. Healthy tip to consider
Lessen the sugar, lessen the cravings. This week, I wanted to give you a simple, yet important tip to consider… If you struggle with food cravings and blood sugar issues, you may want to cut the sugar, especially in the morning. You can trade cereal for overnight oats or chia seed pudding… a fruit forward smoothie for eggs and bacon, keep it simple, keep it low in sugar.

3. A book I’ve read and keep in the ecosystem
You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay is a personal growth classic, and Louise, herself, is basically the queen of self help- beginning to teach when it was not popular at all. It’s fun, upbeat, and filled with healthy ideas and affirmations. Many times, I just flip it open for a quick message.

4. A Ted Talk that will literally- scientifically- and immediately add years to your life
I send this talk to every patient on the first visit. I think it is that important. I’m not even going to tell you what it is- just promise me you will watch the whole thing okay?! Then, let me know what you think. Here it is on youtube right here.

5. Sugar replacements
If you haven’t yet, it’s important to know that you can trade conventional sugars for items like liquid stevia, monk fruit sweetener, erythritol, xylitol- that do not spike blood sugar! Here is a category with some options. If you struggle with tooth sensitivity, steer clear of stevia and experiment with xylitol. To be clear, I also believe raw, unfiltered honey, blackstrap molasses, date sugar, fruit, coconut palm sugar and more are suitable options to explore, although they do impact blood sugar.

For more resources and recommendations, you can stay up to date with this category of my Amazon Store right here. It is still very much a work in progress, but I will continuously be adding to it along the way!


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