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This week, I’ve decided to switch it up and focus our 5 points on the show!

In this episode, we covered the relationship between the mind and body and how we can work to heal both at the same time. Here, I go over how relieving aches and pains and allergies in the body can bring new life and availability to a pro golfer’s career and life experiences while also demonstrating how working with the mental and emotional realms, when addressing anxiety can lead to the relief and clearance of symptoms such as shallow breath, racing heart and mind, digestive issues, etc.

Video: Two Case Studies That Depict The Mind Body Connection [Click Here To Watch]

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5 Takeaways

1. The mind and body are interconnected- both tied into you.

2. The fundamentals impact the mind and body, what heals the mind, heals the body and vice versa.
3. Beginning creates moment. Peace is found in the process and within progress.
4. If you feel frustrated with a certain aspect of your health state, try a new route. Sometimes seemingly unrelated systems can free up resources and make it easier to move forward.
5. Why cope when you can clear?

Video: Two Case Studies That Depict The Mind Body Connection [Click Here To Watch]

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