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1. Session Note From The Week

In just one moment, you have the ability to shift how you see, interact with and interpret your life experiences directly shifting your state and reality. The energy you bring to each experience speaks volumes and you don’t even have to say a word. We are all connected and what is unsaid, actually remains said in your energy field. 

There are over 7 billion people on the planet, 300 million in the US, 20 million in Florida, and 200,000 in Orlando- all of which can be impacted by you, in just one moment. Remember this, your power, as you take time to heal and reflect, and remember that in just one moment you can realign your system by choosing to reconnect, reset and remember who, what and where you are. In my private practice and programs, I find that the heart based practice, using the power of your own heartbeat as a reminder, can become an undeniable resource that you can recall anytime, anywhere and activate right away to re enter into that one moment for the better.  

2. Resource

In the midst of uncertainty that COVID-19 brings, it’s important to focus on what you can do- sending a message of power and authority to your system, life and the people in it. In this interview with power 95.3, I was able to share ways to naturally boost your immune system right away. For the clip, check here.

3. Grow Local Love

Elizabeth Bliach, one of my favorite yoga teachers, teaches vinyasa-based classes at Full Circle Yoga located in Winter Park, Florida. Yoga has become an important part of her life, providing her with a way to keep her body active while also committing to practices that keep her grounded, healthy, and positive. Elizabeth truly brings joy into her teachings, leaving those in the community feeling empowered, confident, and inspired to create a life-long relationship with ourselves. She embodies all that is yoga with her kindness, love and presence- even honoring her practice through preparation (she has the best play lists over on spotify), and all the way through until the end where she closes each practice with her motto: may you be light, happy and free, light in your feet, happy in your heart and free in your mind! Namaste. 

You can view Full Circle Yoga’s schedule here to keep up with Elizabeth’s classes and you can connect with her on Instagram: @sunkistlizbit

4. Beyond Ramen

Instant Pot vs. Air Fryer. While both small appliances offer huge opportunities for at-home cooking, a poll was taken on our IG stories to see which gadget should be covered first and the instant pot won! Before we jump into instant pot recipes, let’s start off with a quick introduction about the differences between an instant pot and an air fryer. If you are thinking about purchasing one or the other, here is a quick break down of the few fundamental differences.

The instant pot is a multi-purpose appliance that utilizes pressure cooker technology to cook foods faster than traditional oven or stove top methods. In an instant pot, you can cook soups, stews, braised meat, and much more. The steam builds up inside the pot and this is what cooks your food while locking in nutrients. 

An air fryer heats food with hot air and uses minimal oil to cook but still gives you a fried food texture and adds “crispiness.” It is a healthier alternative to frying foods in oil while still delivering the crunch you crave- like an oven mixed with a hair dryer. 

As you may have seen through our stories, we are having so much fun with Beyond Ramen, where we are exploring the basics and creatively translating- like with this fun analogy. #beyondramen

  • squares can be rectangles but rectangles can’t be squares.
  • pots can be pans but pans can’t be pots.
  • steak can be – is – lol – beef but all beef can’t be steak.
  • instant pots can be slow cookers but slow cookers can’t be instant pots.
  • air fryers can be ovens but ovens can’t be air fryers.

5. Healthy Tip

Press pause. Take a moment to stop and focus on what’s going on around you. Even in the busiest times, it is possible to recognize and appreciate something about the world at this exact moment that can lift your spirits. Maybe you hear a bird singing or notice a beautiful shade of green on a tree in the distance. Pressing pause can help clear your mind, release tension, and help you make more efficient use of your time and energy. Pressing pause is a way to relax into the moment and become increasingly present. This tip was inspired by Elizabeth Bliach! 


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