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1. Session Note From The Week
Integration requires an internalization, where your experiences are brought deeper through what they mean to you. This is where growth can often look more like a spiral circle where we move forward, in depth, versus a linear plane. In depth, we can continue to revisit fundamental truths as they develop within us and our lives.

2. Resource
If you haven’t yet, it’s important to know that you can trade conventional sugars for items like liquid stevia, monk fruit sweetener, erythritol, and xylitol- that do not spike blood sugar. If you struggle with tooth sensitivity, I would steer clear of stevia and experiment with xylitol. I also believe raw, unfiltered honey, blackstrap molasses, date sugar, fruit, coconut palm sugar and more are suitable options to explore with many health benefits.

For a visual, check here and to explore more options, you can check out the “Healthy Sugar Substitute” category in our Amazon store right here: www.amazon.com/shop/drbrookestuart, where we will be continuously adding my favorite resources and recommendations!⁠

3. Local Love 
Located in the charming historic downtown district of Sanford, Florida, The Rosie Lee Co. offers a wide variety of loose teas, accessories (teapots, infusers, etc.), craft coffee, sweet treats, and more. The owners of Rosie Lee Co., Julia and Kim, both come from a wellness background and started this tea shop because of their love of antiques, tea, and all of the fun traditions that come with tea. Kim describes this spot as quirky, and an out-of-the-box concept where people can socialize without alcohol. She shared that the term “Rosie Lee” is a British slang word for tea. This tea bar is filled with over 100 teas, including one of  Kim’s favorites, sweet coconut oolong. Check out Rosie Lee Co.’s selection on instagram: @rosieleeco and on their website: www.rosieleeco.com.

4. Beyond Ramen
Starting with ramen… on why cooking may be important. As a holistic doctor, I’ve eaten “healthy” for a very long time- but because of the distress and volatility I had associated with meal times, family dinners and food itself, I unknowingly fell into the pattern of just wanting to get it over with, staying superficial, never really taking the time to slow down, prepare and learn to cook a meal that could satiate and bring about a pleasurable experience. Until this year, it had been all too easy to make excuses- but once the unconscious comes into the light of day, conscious awareness, what once worked simply can’t any more… eerie but equally freeing. This was the first time, I realized that maybe cooking wasn’t just about cooking, maybe it was about more, and maybe it also wasn’t- but maybe it was an invitation to go there and to turn what had been excruciatingly painful into a satisfying experience that could be a portal to integration, community and a deeper, enriched form of healthcare.

In essence, I decided to look into my kitchen cabinets, into my fridge and pantry and to address what had gone unaddressed for a very, long time. I decided it was time for me to embrace a new skill and work from the ground up. As you know, I like solid foundations, I like answered questions, and I love the paradoxical nature of depth and simplicity. Cue this project.

Alongside my story, I find my patients, coworkers and friends with the same- too busy to slow down and search through all of the latest cookbooks and youtube videos for the basics and to find the answers to the questions that they think they should know. So here we are dedicating this project to whom it may concern [lol]!

I also might add that when you meet someone who loves food, loves to cook and loves to hand pick items from the grocery store just because- you also meet a new possibility and way of experiencing an every day experience that you may like better, like a shift from resistance to maybe even joy.

When you learn to cook from home, you are able to choose your ingredients, build from the ground up, set a healthy intention, eat with purpose and hold a new skill that can impress a date or form a new set of memories- something you can be proud of. Evolutionarily speaking, cooking particularly in community, primes the system through an intricate engagement of the senses. It’s primal and it’s spiritual- much like the concept of roots and wings, where we can deepen and expand at the same time.

Like anything, once you begin and continue to engage, like staying in the conversation, you’ll realize that the journey and the destination are actually both one in the same. It’s all journey. It’s all practice, and it can be all fun. The more you move along- the easier it can be to integrate and make into your own, over and over again.

So our why is simply to help you make healthy happen in the kitchen, in an easy, light way, while providing a roadmap to more freedom in a world that can be so dense.

I also want to emphasize that this is a collaborative effort, to be a part of this journey, make sure to follow along right here.

5. Healthy Tip
For people who are trying to cut sugar, switching to drinking tea is a great way to try a variety of flavors without having to add the sugar. There are many naturally sweet teas perfect for guilt-free enjoyment. Teas can also be sweetened in a healthier way with natural sweeteners such as monk fruit. Feel free to check the resource above for more healthy ideas!

Come Out To It’s Just… One Moment [Orlando Event] Today!
I’m so excited to be a part of this! For all of the details and to join us in creating Orlando’s largest meditation today at 3:30 at It’ Just Yoga Festival, through One Moment, check here. There is something about coming together as a community that helps us to connect and come home to ourselves.


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