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1. Session Note From The Week
Leadership has been an important them in my practice over the past year or so, own your power, lead your life- but the the beautiful piece of leadership is that we must listen. We must listen to our inner compass, our bodies, our lives and the people in it, in order to lead with power and authority. The more I deepen into the topic, the more I realize that we must listen, and continue to listen with more depth, to lead. This requires a patience, a learning to relax, an opening up and the kind of courage that asks you to be with your experiences rather than to reflexively react or judge them.

2. Own Your Power. Lead Your Life. Talk at the UCF Exchange
This past week, I gave a talk to the students in the business school titled “Own Your Power. Lead Your Life.” Feel free to check it out right here! I always walk away from these talks so full and connected. These students are just so brilliant and my hope is that I can continue to share a message and tools that can allow them to experience what I see within them for themselves.

3. An Exercise That Caught My Prayer Group’s Attention
Every morning I read over this collection of pages, with a focus on the first page, to remind myself before the antics of the day begins of what is important. These reminders serve to align my system and even just touching the first page works in this effort. I shared this with my prayer group this week and I couldn’t believe how much they liked it, so I wanted to share it here as well! Maybe I’ll write a little more about what’s on it in the future.

4. Collection Of Books
This week, one of the students at UCF asked for a list of books that have shaped my thinking and changed my life. I am still working on it for her but you will be able to stay up to date with my thought process on this category here.

I’m going to take some time this week to look through all of my old books to give her an accurate answer.

5. This Youtube Video Was Amazing! 
I just watched this video last night on “Why Men Don’t Open Up and What To Do” by Matthew Hussey. It was just so good. Here’s the link!

I just wanted to take a moment to relay how much I love being able to slow down on Sunday mornings and write this email for you. Each week brings new lessons and a deepened sense of connection, and it’s so much fun to be here and share these tools in this way. There is so much vital movement and energy coursing through my organization right now, on boarding new team members, taking on new projects- but the heart of this project will always remain the same and our mission is simple to contribute to the conversation and create the most direct and approachable way to experience growth in the world. It’s all journey, and I, as a leader, am all in- listening to you, listening to my team, to my life, and to my heart as my guide. Thank you for being here.


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