Welcome to the twentieth issue of heartbeat, our 5 topic newsletter the life of the Let Go & Grow Community! I am so happy you are here.

What a coincidence that our 20th issue lands just before this statement year. Throughout the year, you will see this newsletter begin to evolve and come into a fuller expression. If you are inspired, please send over what could be most useful!

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To keep it simple, I will only choose 5. 5 carefully curated recommendations and resources that can directly impact your health, well-being and whole life experience.

Think session notes, new exercises, supplements, health gadgets, podcasts, books, recipes and more.

So let’s get started shall we?.. with 5.

1. Session Note From The Week
2020- right around the corner. Before we get there though, let’s wrap up the year with our journals out. Let’s review the year without reliving it, through the lens of the present moment, to see how far you have come (all of the valuable lesson and growth stories) and where you would like to in the NY!

2. How To Make A Change
Ever wonder how to make a change? There are many ways that I go over specifically in this tool kit, which will be available for purchase Jan. 1, 2020- this Wednesday- can’t wait!

Until then however, expanding on the above, I highly recommend looking at your triggers and considering what brings the most noise into your life- from here, you can decide what is most important to release. This will clear up plenty of new space and energy for new patterns to emerge. [there is WAY more to this- but this should begin to help].

3. Self Awareness & Balance
Balance requires self awareness- as each person’s experience of peace, safety, balance and stability is unique. Instead of striving for balance, begin to look at what you would like to create in your life and reverse engineer from there. Instead of trying to control and manipulate your choices, how can you tweak the experience and generate an expansive yes?

4. Healthy Tip
You metabolism is based on three factors: resting energy expenditure, non resting energy expenditure and the thermic effect of food. How can you work with this to optimize?

Ideas: You can increase your energy levels through your choices by strength training to up the resting through releasing fat for muscle which burns more calories resting, you can move more throughout the day- taking quick breaks and actively engaging with others, and eat more protein rich foods which are not only satiating but also rev up the metabolism to break down, burning more calories in the process

5. Air Pods
I love giving gifts and rarely ever ask for anything- so when Bonnie, my wicked step mother (just kidding- she is amazing!), surprised me with airpods, I had no idea how much I would love and use them.

Since Christmas, I have listened to three new audio books, taken more meetings outside and have cleaned my house like never before. Anyways, I may be the last to have these things but feel like they are a huge win. Not only that, they fit my ears perfectly and haven’t even close to fallen out, which is typically not the case!

I love tech! Thank you. Thank you…. what was your favorite gift of the season?

Let me know!

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