Welcome to the sixteenth issue of heartbeat, the life of the Let Go & Grow Community! I am so happy you are here. Here, you will continue to receive direct messages, practical tips and all of my favorite recommendations on all things health x growth- straight to your inbox every Sunday morning.

To keep it simple, I will only choose 5. 5 carefully curated recommendations and resources that can directly impact your health, well-being and whole life experience.

Think session notes, new exercises, supplements, health gadgets, podcasts, books, recipes and more.

So let’s get started shall we?.. with 5.

1. Session note from the week
Allow for more curiosity. Make room for the gift.

2. Healthy tip to consider
Laugh. Call a funny friend. Watch a funny movie. Make a weird move in the kitchen. Just begin to laugh and observe as your system and everyone around you lights up. Laughter heals, and it is proven to boost your immune system, relieve stress and promote an overall sense of well-being.

3. On Gratitude, a news segment I was recently featured on :D
This past Friday, I was featured on Orlando’s CBS channel, to watch the segment and catch my thoughts on gratitude, check here! It’s short, sweet and under 5 min.

4. My favorite perfume
As clean beauty continues to shine, chemical free fragrances are making their way into the limelight at stores like Sephora. My personal favorites are by Ellis Brooklyn– myth and sci-fi mixed!

5. From my heart to yours- a gift for you!
This Thursday night, make sure to check your inboxes, I will be sending over the heart based practice meditation- the three minute prescription I give to each and every patient on their first visit. I can’t wait to finally share this with you.

At that time, I will also be announcing our new plan for LG&G, where the price of the program will be going up to at least $1200 and the program itself will be closed until March 20, 2020 to accommodate these updates. As an insider, I wanted to make sure to let you in on the changes so that you can choose to enroll in the program now, at its current price of $397, and receive lifetime access, where you will still be able to access the incredible program material as it is and receive all of the updates throughout its evolution.

As an even bigger thank you for being, here, now, I would like to offer you a promo code: GROWTH for an even greater savings of 25% off- bringing the $397 pricing to $297.75. For more information and to enroll, check here.

This offer is limited and we will be closing LG&G’s doors and opening up a waitlist shortly.


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