In an increasingly busy world, it’s easy to feel crunched for time, pulled at all angles and overwhelmed with responsibility, left craving space and peace of mind- which is exactly why it is so important to intentionally reclaim your time and create the space to take a step back and simply be. And removing technology, at times, and all the noise that can come with it can be a great way to facilitate this.

If you can unplug for an entire day, I highly recommend giving it a whirl but for our everyday lives, there are still great ways to create the space to reconnect and recharge in the midst of it all.

5 Ways to Kickstart a Digital Detox

1. Turn off all notifications on your phone, tablet and computer.

2. Schedule a time that works for you to check your emails, text and phone messages. Then, stick to it.

3. Turn off the television completely.

4. Leave your phone at home, even if it’s just for an hour.

5. Make sure all of your electronics are on silent, darkened and at least 10 ft away from you while you sleep.

Question: Finally, I would love to hear from you… What are your favorite ways to unplug when you want to slow down and create more space in your life?

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