Do you live in the present moment?

Do you feel that you live in the present moment? Or do your thoughts take you somewhere outside of the here and now? Take our quiz to find out where you stand and how you can be more present!

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If you identify where it is that you “go” outside of the present moment (while faced with life’s challenges) and learn strategies to check back in, doorways to opportunities will open—many of which you might have missed if you failed to be present.

The challenges in your life are trying to send you a message.

Once you learn to be present, you will embrace the meaning behind these experiences and their gifts for growth. I am going to get you started on that path!

“I came across Dr. Brooke Stuart’s Let Go & Grow program online and I was instantly drawn to it. I knew that I wanted to do this program for me, to invest in myself and my future. After all, the healthier I am, the better I can love and teach my family and those that are placed on my path. This program is a life changer! If you are ready to do the work, the hard and uncomfortable work of breaking down the walls, the self-limiting beliefs and the fears that confine us, then this program is for you. Not only has my perspective changed, I am finding peace, freedom, and lightness from within. Truly amazing. Taking this program was one of the best decisions I have ever made”

—Danielle Sizemore, Independent Distributor Young Living Essential Oils

“Weight loss has always been a struggle for me, going up and down, my weight has always fluctuated, until I met Brooke. I started working with Brooke to lose weight because I am getting married this January, and I want to look my best.
However, I soon realized that working with Brooke meant so much more than just getting on a diet and losing the weight. Working with Brooke meant developing a relationship with myself and making the necessary lifestyle changes as well. I have finally realized that it’s not about having a temporary fix, it’s about creating a lifetime of health and happiness.”

—Nikki Gegner, Owner of D & J Equipment