Have you been searching for a “functional medicine doctor near me”? Look no further, we serve patients locally in Orlando, Florida, the surrounding areas and across the world through our tele-health platform through virtual video visits worldwide. 

Functional Medicine Near Me, A Holistic Approach

Functional medicine is not a one sized fits all approach. It is root seeking, participatory and personalized- which is why at our practice, Dr. Stuart takes a holistic approach with her patients, looking at both the mind and body as she dives deep to find and identify the root cause while addressing the symptoms- taking both conventional methods and integrative into consideration.

In your first two appointments, as a part of the case review process, a roadmap is developed to engage realistic change- with evidence based mindset, diet, lifestyle, supplement and other therapeutic intervention incorporated to paint a whole picture and roadmap with detailed steps along the way- to assist each and every patient in achieving their individual and specific health goals with ease.

Health goals can range from acute and chronic disease to high performance and beyond. Most individuals have pressing needs and goals they can aspire too. Here, nothing is too big or too small to address- we can everything into consideration because everything is tied into you. Mind. Body. Heart. Life. You are the centerpiece, and patient empowerment is our undying intention and commitment.

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