Have you been searching for depression treatment in Orlando, FL? If you’ve been searching for a doctor to get to the root of depression, then look no further than Dr. Brooke Stuart. Dr. Stuart is located at the heart of Orlando, FL and specializes in the treatment of depression and other mental health disorders holistically through counseling and functional medicine. 

Healing Depression Holistically

For most patients, addressing depression is not a one-size-fits-all treatment. That is why Dr. Stuart takes a holistic approach with her patients, looking at them from a mental, emotional, spiritual, physiological, and even relational standpoint. She dives deep to find what is causing the depression to treat the root cause and alleviate symptoms immediately.

Once the appointment is set, an extensive intake process begins and information gleaned from this is studied and used to create an individualized plan. Plans may consist of diet, mindset, and lifestyle changes, as well as supplements and other evidence-based therapeutic practices to help achieve specific goals. Within weeks and sometimes just days of implementing these plans, patients begin to break through mental, emotional, and physiological barriers and experience well-being like never before.  

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If you are ready to clear depression and unlock your power to heal, then it’s time to give Dr. Stuart a call. In working together, Dr. Stuart is interested in helping you breakthrough barrier to health and freedom. So don’t wait- contact us now to set up your free consultation! 

In the consultation, Dr. Stuart can learn more about what is coming up and answer any questions you have on treatment from there.