Have you been searing for depression treatment near me? If so, we have got you covered. Dr. Brooke Stuart specializes in taking a holistic approach to depression, mental health and the myriad of disorders that can exist simultaneously. She is proud to serve patients around the country through her secure telemedicine platform, as well as locals in Orlando, FL and the surrounding areas. 

Treat Depression Naturally


For most patients, the treatment of depression is not a one-size-fits-all treatment. Dr. Stuart looks at the underlying root causes and also, how to alleviate depression right away by looking through a mental, emotional, spiritual, physiological, and even relational standpoint.

Once the initial appointment is set, an extensive intake process begins, where your whole health history leading up to the present moment is discussed to create a personalized treatment plan. Plans always consist of diet, mindset, and lifestyle changes, as well as specific, evidence based supplement protocols and therapeutic practices to help treat depression and anything else that is coming up in your health experience. Often, within the first session, patients report feeling lighter and freer, filled with the hope and confidence that comes with a plan.

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Patients often report increased clarity, energy, and hope for the future upon this call.