Community Wellness

Community heals, and community wellness is a pillar to this healing. Healthy happens with each choice that we make and surrounding ourselves with like minds makes it easier and more enjoyable along the way!

Community Acupuncture Event at CrossFit Orlando

This Saturday, October 31, on Halloween, we will be putting on a Community Acupuncture event at CrossFit Orlando!

From alleviating pain and decreasing inflammation into recovery and high performance, acupuncture and dry needling can assist in shifting the stress response, lowering the total body burden and healing the system as a whole- so that you can simply, achieve your health goals, with greater ease, and live the life you are here to live with the power you are meant to have.

Acupuncture can reduce cravings, boost metabolic function, regulate the neuroendocrine system, help with weight loss, optimize energy, high performance and mental health. For more information on the conditions acupuncture can assist with and exactly how it works, check here:

Alongside needling therapy itself, community has been well-documented to heal. This is a great time to chill and relax and enjoy the people around you. On the flip side, feel free to bring some noise cancelling headphones, an eye mask and zone out. This is a judgment free zone. Come as you are! and make it your own.

B-12 injections available now, and more upon request ($35)- where we evidence based dosages of the highest quality B-12 on the market, methylcobalamin.

The FAQ’s + Details!

When + Where? This event will take place Saturday, October 31 from 10:00am – 12:15pm at CrossFit Orlando: 511-C Brookhaven Drive, Orlando, FL 32803

There will be 4 zero gravity acupuncture chairs set up and two tables- with 6 spots at each time, starting at: 10, 10:35, 11:15 am, each treatment is 28 min., and there are 18 available spots!

What to wear? loose fitting clothes or a costume or both, you choose!

Pricing: $65 for non-CFO members

RSVP required, by emailing, ASAP to reserve your time- as all forms must be filled out in advanced so we can provide the best service to each individual!

I hope to see you there! It’s been too long, and it’s going to be so much fun.