Let Go & Grow

Create Radiant Health, Have Freedom & Embrace Who You Truly Are

12801383_507851266054441_7433952747316534645_nLet Go & Grow is an online six-week holistic foundations program reflective of my work in private practice. It is based on a unique combination of holistic counseling and functional medicine—built to help you create radiant health, have freedom and embrace who you truly are.

In the Let Go & Grow program, I provide you with the guidance, resources and tools that you need to clear issues, dissolve whole patterns and create the kind of change that will last you a lifetime. This six-week course is meant to be both a transformative experience and a valuable, solution-oriented resource that you can reference anytime, anywhere and incorporate right away.

Let Go & Grow is more than a program, it’s a process, an approach and a powerful perspective that has the ability to help you move forward and break through barriers you never thought possible.

Are you ready to clear issues, release the whole patterns and finally grow through the obstacles that are holding you back from living your most full and vibrant life?


You are here, now for a reason, and you are not alone.

Many of the women I have worked with have been in “search mode” for a very long time. They have been Untitled-design-2-1through a variety of programs and to many healthcare practitioners yet still can’t seem to breakthrough the mental, emotional and physiological patterns that continue to show up in their lives. They find themselves lost in a sea of dogma and mixed messages unable to find their way out. One step forward, two steps back.

Many of them have tried “everything” including psychotherapy, self help books, medication, supplements, a limited organic diet, meditation, yoga, and thousands of dollars later, they still feel like something is missing. They still don’t feel like themselves, and they are sick of treatments and advice that barely work without any real results or movement forward. I get it, I have been there too- discouraged and fed up.

With that said, the women I work with are ready for change. They are ready for growth. And they are ready for guidance, concrete strategies and solution oriented answers because they are done with the fad diets, quick fixes, and gimmicky gurus.

They are ready, more than ever, to connect with themselves and others in a new way, to unlock their full potential and to finally experience the freedom, love, health, peace, grace, ease and joy that comes with letting go.


When you don’t know which way to go, go within.

Whether you choose to enroll or not, I want you to know that there is another way- and after working with thousands of women and being in search mode myself, Let Go & Grow is the best, most direct path I have found to freedom, vibrant health and to most importantly, embracing who you truly are and the life you are here to live.


The challenges in your life are trying to send you a message.

Untitled-design-2In truth, every experience is here for you, to help you, even the most painful ones. In fact, the painful ones are just knocking harder to get your attention, and the more you suppress, deny, stuff and disconnect from these experiences the harder they will have to knock and the more painful they will become- all to get your attention and set you free. Within your own painful experiences lies the return of your power. You just have to finally choose it.

You see, when you “get it” your body and life will begin to reflect it. In this way, your body and life are nothing more than a prop not the problem. Your limited perception is the problem and problems can be solved. Once we make the necessary changes and shifts in perception, everything else will follow along naturally.

“Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.” –Albert Einstein

Throughout the Let Go & Grow Program, you will learn how to:

  • Awaken to your true self
  • Grow through your challenges
  • Feel vibrant and alive
  • Break through barriers
  • Exercise your full potential
  • Clear toxic patterns
  • Dissolve the ego
  • Increase self awareness
  • Address fear in an empowered way
  • Release buried feelings
  • Experience freedom, joy, peace, grace & ease + more
  • Tap into your intuition
  • Take back your power
  • Transform challenges into opportunities
  • Live in alignment
  • Create radiant health
  • Transform your life experience
  • Fall in love with yourself and your own journey
  • Support yourself and this process with the best of holistic medicine
  • Master your mind, body, heart and life


If you are ready to take this leap, I am ready to be your guide.

I have seen and experienced first hand how the exercises and principles held within Let Go & Grow have Untitled-design-4radically changed lives, including my own.

Over the past 5 years, I have seen thousands of women break through barriers, create health, get off prescriptions, experience freedom and create lasting change.

I have had the honor of working with a variety of people, ranging from professional athletes, whose goal is to optimize their performance and break personal records to people with severe, debilitating mental health issues like anxiety, depression, ADHD and eating disorders.

Regardless of the case, Let Go & Grow is my foundation. It is the perspective I hold and the process I teach no matter what my patients present to me.

I built my private practice and created Let Go & Grow because it’s what I wish I had when I was younger. When I was younger, I felt stuck, trapped and did not know how to move forward. I went to countless doctors and counseling sessions that went absolutely nowhere, leaving me medicated, frustrated and on the brink of complete despair.

Not many people knew I was struggling. My life looked beautiful on the outside, I was a college athlete, went on fantastic family vacations, was an honors student, etc. but I never felt quite right. I never felt whole.
I knew, in my heart of hearts, there was more to the story, places and potential within that I could not yet figure out how to tap into.

I wanted answers, and I was determined to find them.

When answers started coming in, through different forms and teachers, I immediately gravitated towards them. It was what I had been searching for my whole life.

Ironically, the answers had been there all along. Yet until that point, I didn’t have a way to recognize, interpret, process and receive them.

Once the light turned on, Let Go & Grow became my mantra. I found it to be the simplest way to sum up the process and to connect to the challenges, I once had no idea how to address.


With that said, Let Go & Grow is so much more than a full, decked out program program- it is a process, an approach and a powerful perspective- built to help you create radiant health, have freedom, and embrace who you truly are in a way that is true to you and in a way that lasts.

Whether you choose to join this program or not, I want you to know that you have everything you will ever need to heal, within you- all you have to do is choose it.

This program is not for everyone, but if it’s for you, you’ll know. If you are called and truly ready to take this leap, I hope you’ll join me! It would be my great honor to be your guide and embark on this journey together.



Here’s How It Works + What You Receive

The Let Go & Grow Core Curriculum

Throughout the core curriculum, I will empower you with the information, guidance, and tools that you need to make change happen within you and in all areas of your life. The core curriculum dives deep into your perception, thoughts, feelings and choices to assist you in getting from where you are now to where you want to be. The core curriculum is introduced in each week’s workshop and then driven home with the strategic exercises, affirmations and assignments found within each week.

Core Video Workshops

The seven core video workshops are meant to introduce the new concepts, recommended changes and areas of focus to increase awareness, shift perception, and kick off each week!

Holistic Guide Book

The Holistic Guide Book is built to be therapeutic in nature and is meant to be your guide and keep you on track throughout the duration of the program. It holds your daily LGG exercises, weekly summaries and an entire functional section filled with beautiful charts that make it easy to dive into and fun to flip through. The Guide Book is also a great resource that you can reference anytime, anywhere and come back to throughout the years that follow.

Holistic Journal

The Holistic Journal is meant to help you connect the dots, daily. Here, you can check in, set your daily intention, write, draw or scribble in the free space, track your diet and lifestyle, evaluate your day and take time to reflect.

Functional Support

The Functional Support section of the course is strategically built to support you along your journey. Here, you will discover how to create radiant health and take care of your beautiful “mind body” while supporting your whole being in the process. We now know scientifically how intricately connected the mind and body are. In this section, we explore evidence based, holistic methods that can help you to optimize your system and heal. This section also includes the specific mindset, diet, supplement and lifestyle recommendations I most often prescribe in private practice.

Vibrant Health Workshop

The Vibrant Health Workshop is coming in October- if you sign up for the Let Go & Grow program before the time of the event, you will receive an invite to join us live!

Unique Invitations & Opportunities

LGG participants will be the first to know about new live events, retreats, and the other experiences we plan to offer. I love working with the participants personally, so most likely you will receive several invites throughout the years to live, pop up Q&A sessions and other exclusive happenings.

Bonus Material

The bonus material includes cheat sheets, guides, useful resources, and treatment protocols created exclusively for the Let Go & Grow participants.

Flexible Format

Through my experience, I have found that there are two great ways to dive into this course work: The 6 Week Program Format and The Module Format. Both work well, and which route you choose is completely up to you. The Program Format is how the Let Go & Grow program is officially set up, and it is very ready-set-go. However, if you would prefer to go at a slower, more relaxed pace, The Module Format, is a great alternative option. For more information on each format, feel free to check out the FAQs.

Lifetime Access

Upon enrollment, you will receive lifetime access to the Let Go & Grow Foundations six-week online program and all of the updates throughout its entire evolution and life. I should mention, that I am not going anywhere and neither is it. This program will continue to evolve as I evolve as a practitioner.


Course Material & Layout


Upon enrollment, you will receive immediate access to the Welcome Workshop, New Participant Forms, The Holistic Guide Book, The Holistic Journal, The Bonus Material, and Two Key Exercises that you will use throughout your entire journey. In the Welcome Workshop, we introduce you to the program, process, and philosophy while also going over everything you need to do to make the most out of this experience. In the pre-course material, you will learn how to:

  • Create space and commit to yourself
  • Go within to get out of your head and into your heart
  • Reverse engineer goals and set a powerful intention
  • Release expectation and attachment to the outcome
  • Make this course your own

Week One: Foundation

In week one, we will work together to build a solid, strong and resilient foundation, so that later we can build a framework that will be able to withstand all challenges as we fine tune along the way. In this week, you will also receive access to the Foundations Workshop and learn how to:

  • Enter the present moment anytime, anywhere
  • Become receptive to yourself and the process of life
  • Identify and address challenges when they come your way
  • Let go of who you think you are and embrace who you truly are
  • Take ownership of your life experiences

Week Two: Mental & Emotional

In week two, we will dive deep into the mental and emotional pieces of the puzzle. Here, you will learn how to release and let go of the issues and patterns that are holding you back so that they can begin to work for and with you in new and exciting ways. In this week, you will also receive access to the Mental & Emotional Workshop and learn how to:

  • Transform fear into love
  • Address and dissolve the ego in an empowered way
  • Release buried feelings so that the new, desired ones can arise
  • Master your thoughts and feelings
  • Ask solution-oriented questions to connect and receive answers that come in the form of peace, clarity and growth

Week Three: Relationships

In week three, we will explore the relationship you have with yourself, your significant other, family, friends, body and life experiences. Here, you will learn how to connect in an empowered way so that you can go on to heal and transform these relationships so that they can fit your new vibration. In this week, you will also receive access to the Relationships Workshop and learn how to:

  • See your reflection in others
  • Heal through your past, present and future relationships
  • Take your power back and own it
  • Communicate in a clear and direct way that is true to you
  • Create new and empowered relationships with ease

Week Four: Choices, Physiology & Life Experiences

In week four, we will dive deep into your choices, physiology and life experiences. Here, you will learn how to live in alignment and stay centered within the ever changing. In this week, you will also receive access to the Choices, Physiology & Life Experiences Workshop and learn how to:

  • Check your intentions to empower your choices
  • Release resistance for resilience
  • Drop the judgment, guilt and past regret
  • Have compassion for yourself and others
  • Embrace your human experience

Week Five: Spirituality

In week five, we will explore spirituality. Here, you will learn how to lighten up and receive guidance and support by connecting to the whole. In this week, you will also receive access to the Spirituality Workshop and learn how to:

  • Connect to the whole
  • Ask for guidance and support in an empowered way
  • Have faith in yourself and the process of life
  • Read the signs and messages as they come in
  • Embrace your intuition and allow it to guide you

Week Six: Bringing It All Together

In week six, we will bring it all together and make it yours. In this week, you will come full circle as you dive deep into your own journey and into powerful creation. In this week, you will also receive access to the last workshop on Bringing It All and learn how to:

  • Understand your journey and the different phases of it
  • Find your own balance within the process
  • Send “gifts” to yourself, others and the world
  • Dive deep into appreciation
  • Create the life you desire


“Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own transformation.” –Lao Tzu



Untitled-design-5“I lost 32 lbs and continue to lose more and more weight each and every week as my life and body get more into balance.”

[ … ] Working with Brooke meant developing a relationship with myself and making the necessary lifestyle changes as well. I have finally realized that it’s not about having a temporary fix, it’s about creating a lifetime of health and happiness.

At first I was doing it for the weight, but now I am doing it for me and my future, my health and well-being. Since working with Brooke, my energy is up, I sleep so much better, I feel better than ever, happier and motivated to keep moving forward on this journey. The funny thing is, the whole process is actually enjoyable, I have finally realized that losing weight doesn’t have to be a struggle. Oh and by the way, I have lost 32 lbs and continue to lose more and more weight each and every week as my life and body get more into balance. Talk about worthwhile… This is the best investment I have ever made.

–Nikki Gegner, Owner of D & J Equipment

“Taking this program was one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

For many years I struggled with migraines, chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalances, being overweight and systemic inflammation. These issues directly affected my mental health which led to depression, anxiety, and anger issues. Along with the help of my Naturopathic Physician, I was able to heal my body by supporting my systems with nutrient dense whole foods, supplements, and essential oils. What was left was a physically healthier version of myself that still had years and years of internal conflict and hurtful experiences to clear out of my mind, body and soul. As a young mother and advocate for health and wellness, I was ready to take my human experience to the next level, yet I wasn’t sure how to do it on my own. I came across Dr. Brooke Stuart’s Let Go & Grow program online and I was instantly drawn to it. I knew that I wanted to do this program for me, to invest in myself and my future. After all, the healthier I am, the better I can love and teach my family and those that are placed on my path. This program is a life changer! If you are ready to do the work, the hard and uncomfortable work of breaking down the walls, the self limiting beliefs and the fears that confine us, then this program is for you. Not only has my perspective changed, I am finding peace, freedom and lightness from within. Truly amazing. Taking this program was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

-Danielle Sizemore, Independent Distributor Young Living Essential Oils

“Her passion and knowledge set her apart.”

Brooke is truly a blessing! She works wonders! Her passion and knowledge set her apart. She has the fantastic ability to uncover the root of the issue, bringing to light what your body, mind and spirit needs to heal and improve. I came to her at a time of desperation when western medicine was not serving me. She uncovered things that other doctors failed to see. After working with her, I continue to heal and to grow. Needless to say, I’m better than ever! Her work is completely priceless.

-Alanna Giuliani, Actress


Invest In Yourself

Choose what works for you!

One Payment: $349
(Best Value—Savings of $50)

Payment Plan
Three Payments: $133

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This Program Is For You If…

  • You know that there is something more within you but you are not sure how to tap into it.
  • You feel a void, like there is something missing.
  • You are over feeling stuck or moving one step forward and two steps back.
  • You are over all of the fad diets, prescriptions, quick fixes and gimmicky programs.
  • You are ready to get to the root cause of your challenges and learn a process that can take you there.
  • You are ready to put in the effort, look in the mirror and make true changes that last.

To read more about the transformations my patients and Let Go & Grow participants experience check out their stories, here.

For any further questions, please check out our FAQs or send us a message here. Hope to see you on the inside!