Are you looking for functional medicine in Orlando, FL? Dr. Brooke Stuart’s private practice uses a unique combination of holistic counseling and functional medicine to help you heal naturally from the inside out through identifying and addressing the imbalances that lie within the systems through a complete a thorough whole health history and comprehensive lab reports.

Here, Dr. Stuart takes the time to listen deeply, review the finding and help you in a way that is tailored exactly to your needs. Located in the heart of Orlando, FL, we also serve communities in the surrounding areas and around the world through virtual video visits and our easy to use telemedicine platform with just the click of a link in the comfort of your own home.

Functional Medicine Services located in Orlando, FL

Functional Medicine Orlando 32789

Functional Medicine in Orlando, Florida

Without health, our foundation can feel shaky. Health, when optimal, can be a resilient foundation that we can rely and build our life upon. It is an honor to work with families, couples, professional athletes, women, men, teens and children to achieve health and excel in all areas of their life experience.

All of our functional medicine services are provided through telemedicine. Dr. Stuart can order the necessary tests and prescribe treatments for all of our patients online. 

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If you resonate with our approach, whether you are located in Orlando, Florida or not, feel free to reach out and book a free consultation where we can go over your health goals and provide guidance from there.

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About Dr. Brooke Stuart

Dr. Brooke Stuart is the founder of Let Go & Grow® International and a holistic doctor in private practice, where she assists her patients in unlocking their own, intrinsic power to heal. Over the past ten years, Dr. Stuart has worked with thousands of people through her online platform, speaking engagements and one on one in private practice. Holding degrees in medical anthropology, psychology, and integrative medicine, Dr. Stuart uses a unique combination of holistic counseling and functional medicine to personalize and tailor treatments for her patients, particularly women and professional athletes, locally in Central FL and around the world. As a physician, she is deeply committed to her patient’s personal growth and development as she uses solution-oriented methods to clear issues, create health, and assist them in realizing and actualizing their true potential.

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Serving Orlando, FL and surrounding areas

Orlando, the city beautiful, is an ever growing city with many health options and entertainment to enjoy. From the theme parks, like Islands of Adventure and Disney World, to the farmer’s market by Lake Eola park, you won’t run out of things to do!  is a beautiful city that has a lot of fun things to offer.