Fierce Advocacy

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Fierce Advocacy In this episode of heartbeat, we dive into a discussion on fierce advocacy (being an efficient self-advocate) and how loving yourself creates a ripple effect of even more love and light. If you're in a place today where you don't love yourself, it can be hard to take that quantum leap [...]

The Heart Based Practice, a simple 3 min. meditation

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Within my private practice and through Let Go & Grow®, there are certain core principles and practices I come back to and draw from, time and time again. In a world filled with shiny objects, I’ve found nothing more refreshing than the tried and true. Because when something works, it simply works and that is what makes it profound. This is one of the many reasons why the heart based practice is the one and only prescription I write at the end of each new patient appointment.

The Heart Based Practice, Appreciation & Making the Most Out of the Moment

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Today, I would like to share an impactful exercise, pulled directly from the Let Go & Grow program. The Heart-Based Practice is instrumental throughout the program and in my private practice—as it provides the space to process, reflect and increase awareness around your own individual journey, desires, and life experiences. When you begin to form a relationship with your heart, you begin to reclaim your innate power, intuition, and divine intelligence, all of which play a pivotal role in the healing process and in forming a relationship with yourself.