If you’ve gone to the doctor with health concerns only to be told “everything’s normal”, functional medicine may be a great solution in Maitland, FL. The founder of Let Go & Grow International and a holistic doctor in private practice, Dr. Brooke Stuart assists her patients in unlocking their own potential for true healing.  She uses holistic counseling and functional medicine to help her patients return their health to the best it can be.

Functional Medicine in Maitland FL

Dig Deeper with Functional Medicine 

Getting to the root cause of an illness is what functional medicine is all about.  In contrast to Western medicine where the symptoms are treated, functional medicine gets to the root cause of illness and treats it so symptoms subside and health can set in. With less invasive, lower risk, and minimal to no side effects that conventional medicine has, holistic medicine is a safer option all around. Dr. Stuart’s education and credentials are the following:  

  • Doctor of Oriental Medicine- FL Board of Acupuncture
  • Licensed Acupuncture Physician- FL Board of Acupuncture
  • Diplomate of Oriental Medicine- NCCAOM
  • Certified Chinese Herbalist- NCCAOM
  • Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine- Pacific College of Oriental Medicine
  • MS in Oriental Medicine- Florida College of Integrative Medicine
  • BS in Health Sciences- Florida College of Integrative Medicine
  • BA in both Anthropology and Psychology- University of Miami, Coral Gables

When conventional medicine fails them, many people turn to functional medicine for a solution. Patients are told that their lab work is all normal and the symptoms must be in their head when they know deep down that they are not.  A specific treatment plan can be customized by Dr. Stuart to address all of your health concerns. Don’t suffer a minute longer, give us a call for your first step towards healing!

We Serve Maitland, Florida

Dr. Stuart offers her functional medicine services to those that are in Maitland, FL. Maitland is a suburb of Orlando and located in Orange County. Please contact us to schedule your consultation. Our friendly staff is waiting to answer any questions you may have! 

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Your journey to optimal health can start today with our functional medicine doctor in Maitland, FL! Give us a call to schedule your appointment or book a free consultation here with Dr. Stuart today.  You will be happy you did!